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Liga 1: Henne / Origin-ID: N/A
Liga 2: Schabbi_Oldtras / Origin-ID: N/A
Liga 3 A: DjZuMa / Origin-ID: DjZuMa22
Liga 3 B: Henne / Origin-ID: N/A
Liga 4 A: Bombay / Origin-ID: N/A
Liga 4 B: ErfurterJunge20 / Origin-ID: N/A
Liga 4 C: Armbrust / Origin-ID: N/A
Liga 4 D: Xperia233 / Origin-ID: N/A
Liga 5 A: Hitm4n2312 / Origin-ID: N/A
Liga 5 B: ZefixOidaa / Origin-ID: [email protected]

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League International: Michel / Origin-ID: Mikael128
League Super International: Fredchen777 / Origin-ID: BLUE-Fredchen777

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Cup: L3G3nD84 / Origin-ID: H2-L3G3nD84
Hall of Fame: ALL4TheGameYT / Origin-ID: RAGE-ALL4TheFAME
Ladder: Fitzo / Origin-ID: EQ-Fitzo

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Baka & Laika

die Gründer der ProLeague
Gegründet wurde die Liga im September 2011 unter dem Namen FIFA Allstar League von Baka und lief zuerst in Zusammenarbeit mit einer FIFA 1on1 Transferliga. Im September 2013 war der Ansturm und das Interesse an einer Liga dertart groß, dass sich eine eigene Pro Club Liga realisieren ließ. Der Name fiel auf: PROLEAGUE und wurde fortan von Baka & Laika geführt. Im März 2014 verabschiedeten sich die beiden Gründer der ProLeague aus der administrativen Arbeit der Liga und überließen von nun an einem 6 Köpfigen Team der Pro Club Community die Zukunft der Liga. Wir Danken Baka und Laika, dass Sie solch ein tolles Projekt gestartet haben und auch den Mut hatten es in fremde Hände zu legen.


lange Zeit Ligaleiter der 2. Liga
timmortal war einer der 6 Köpfe die nach dem Abgang von Baka und Laika die Zügel der ProLeague übernommen und zukunftsweisend mitgestaltet hat.
Zu seinen Aufgaben zählte, in der einjährigen Zeit bei der ProLeague, die Betreuung der 2. Liga und später auch der Erstkontakt zur iFVPA.
timmortal verließ uns zum Ende FIFA 15 in Richtung, wir wünschen im viel Erfolg und Danken ihm für seine Zuverlässigkeit und stets souveränen Einsatz.


das Allroundtalent im Team und Außenminister zugleich
AriGold war ebenfalls einer der 6 Köpfe die nach dem Abgang von Baka und Laika Verantwortung übernommen hat um die ProLeague am Leben zu erhalten. Nach seinem Abgang hat das Team einen Alleskönner verloren der bei einem Problem stets den kühlen Kopf behalten hat und immer eine Lösung parat hatte. AriPedia war ebenfalls in der Entscheidungsphase der neuen Seite eingebunden in welche Richtung es gehen soll, was benötigt wird und in einige Designfragen involviert. Zu seinen Aufgaben zählte die technische Koordination der Homepage und der Erstkontakt zur EVPA und iFVPA. AriGold danken wir für seinen großen Einsatz in und um die ProLeague herum und wünschen alles Gute bei zukünftigen Projekten.

League Rules

§1 General 


1.1 ProLeague: The ProLeague, managed by the ProLeague Administration with the support of the Players' Council, offers users the opportunity to form a team for FIFA 19 and participate in leagues, cup competitions, tournaments and a ladder.

1.1.1 Leagues: There are four German leagues (League One, League Two, League Three and League Four) and one international league (League Int.).

1.1.2 Procedure: The sequence takes place in the form of seasons, which start and end at the same time regardless of the ligament. At the end of each season there will be promotion and relegation between the German leagues and the international teams that can get iFVPA slots will play in the iFVPA Competitions.

1.1.3 Player awards: The best players in each league receive individual awards for their profile: Top goal scorer, top assists and goals, top assists, top defender, top goalkeeper and MVP.

1.1.4 Team awards: The champion of League One and League Int. and all players who played at least one match for one of the two clubs in the previous season will receive the team achievement "champion". The cup winner and all players who have played at least one match for the club in the previous season will receive the team achievement "cup winner". The club that wins a HOF Tournament and all of its players will receive the Team achievement "HOF Winner". The winner of the iFVPA Champions League and all players in the squad at the time of the final who had at least one entry will receive the team achievement "CL Victory". The winner of the iFVPA Euro League and all players in the squad at the time of the final who had at least one mission will receive the team achievement "EL Victory". All promoted players and all players who played at least one match for the clubs in the previous season will receive the team achievement "promoted".


1.2 Association: Every user without a club has the possibility to create a club. The creation of a club is then checked by the admins and the club is released after a successful check. Every user who is part of a club can leave it on the club page.

1.2.1 Manager rights: Each club can have up to four managers who can manage it on the site. The roles team captain, executive manager, appointment coordinator and press spokesperson all have the same rights. Any club manager can:

  1. Create and remove team entries on the player market and in the player search.
  2. Go in the forum, see posts in the category "team managers only" and post team posts on the main page.
  3. Enter team results and change match reports for home matches.
  4. Manage game dates and team transfer requests.
  5. Customize team information and change club manager rights.
  6. Remove users from his club and adjust the purely visual inactivity status of the players in his club.

1.2.2 Teampage: On the team side of the club the entire club history in the ProLeague and additionally the status of the eligibility of each squad member is to be seen. In addition, all penalties imposed can be viewed publicly.

1.2.3 Organisations: Teams of the same organisations (eg. Team Ball I, Team Ball II) can not play in the same league. This regulation is subject to review and can be decided differently by the admin team in individual cases.

1.2.4 League affiliation: The admin team decides on the league affiliation of each team.

1.2.5 Name change The team name can only be changed once per season. A team manager must write to an admin with the following information: The new name, the short version of the name (less than ten characters) and the abbreviation, consisting of exactly three alphanumeric characters. The only exception is when leaving an organisation, then the club can go back to the previous team name.


1.3 User: A registered user can create player entries on the player market and in the search of a new club. He can write in the forums, in the shoutbox and comment on articles and team posts. He can also, if he is clubless, ask existing clubs if he can join them. He can edit his profile and upload screenshots to request a player license.

1.3.1 Second accounts: It is only allowed to have a second account if you participate in the PC area of the ProLeague as well as in the PS4 area of the ProClubLiga. The creation of other accounts for any other reason is only allowed with the permission of the ProLeague Administration. Violation can be punished at the discretion of the ProLeague Administration with ProLeague suspensions with a maximum duration of eight weeks.

1.3.2 Username change A change of the account name is only possible to remove a team tag. There is a special forum thread for this. A complete change is possible in exchange for a service for the community (contribution for the editorial office or similar).

1.4 Validity:This set of rules applies exclusively to the international PC area of the ProLeague. The German PC area and the ProClubLiga have their own set of rules.

1.5 Streams:Stream links in the shoutbox that do not belong to a FIFA stream will be hidden.

§2 Administrative structure 


2.1no longer valid

2.2 Special cases: With regard to this set of rules, the administration reserves the right to make individual decisions differently on special cases. These are explained in detail in the form of an article.

2.3 Replacement:The administration decides when a new position must be filled. an announcement in the form of an article is then published. Applications can be submitted by e-mail and will be evaluated by the administration after the application deadline.

2.4 Admin functions: Depending on the area of responsibility of the individual administrator, various functions of the admin panel are available to the administration. Apart from the administration interface of requested team creation and player licenses there are among other things possibilities for the game evaluation and reset, for the distribution of team and player penalties, for the dispatch of messages to whole user groups (all managers of a club and all managers of a league) and for the team administration.


2.5 Principles


2.5.1 Proportionality: The Administration shall always act and decide in accordance with the principle of proportionality in its actions and decisions, in particular those which may be taken at its discretion in accordance with this Code. Specifically, actions and decisions of the administration must

  1. be based on a legitimate foundation,
  2. be suitable for fulfilling the purpose,
  3. be the mildest of all purposeful actions/decisions (necessity),
  4. be proportionate to the proportionality of the act/decision and its possible intervention in the field of third parties.

2.5.2 Obligation to secrecy: The administration is obliged to secrecy. Contents from any meetings, admin meetings are always sensitive to treat and may not be passed on to third parties. A proven violation can lead in the discretion of the admins to the immediate exclusion from the admin team.

2.5.3 Objectivity: The interest of the ProLeague always takes precedence over the interest of the individual PL-Admins. Subject to this, PL admins who are affected by the content of the facts are to be excluded from decisions. (This concerns e.g. the case, if it concerns a decision about a club or its player, for which a PL-Admin also plays.)

§3 Players Council 


3.1. General


3.1.1 The players council shall be newly elected every two seasons of the ProLeague (cf. §3.3).

3.1.2 The players council shall be composed of the seven most frequently elected candidates.

3.1.3 Other mandatory criteria for composition:

  1. Admins of the ProLeague must not be on the players council.
  2. Only two council members per club may be represented on the players council.
  3. There may be only one free agent member of the players council.
  4. In the election of the players council, the council member/candidate must have received at least 3% of all votes.

3.1.4 Confidentiality obligation: The players council and its members are bound to secrecy. Content from any sessions (both with and without admins) and admin meetings are always to be treated sensitively and may not be passed on to third parties. A proven violation can lead to exclusion from the player council at the discretion of the admins.

3.1.5 Objectivity: The players council and its council members are a link between the PL administration and the PL community and have the task of representing the community in its interest. The interest of the individual may not play a role in any action on behalf of the player council.

3.1.6 Dissolution of the players council: Dissolution of the players council: The admin team can dissolve the players council in case of significant violations of §3.1.4 and §3.1.5 by the members of the council.


3.2 Election of the players council


3.2.1 The players council shall be re-elected every two seasons. The organisational responsibility for the players council election lies with the players council. The election must be carried out according to democratic principles. The composition according to §3.1 is inviolable. A change request can be put to the vote by the right of proposal according to §3.4.2.

3.2.2 A new players council must be elected no later than two weeks after the start of the season. The previous players council must ensure that the deadlines for elections are met accordingly. Deadline extensions can be decided in consultation with the PL admin team. Two weeks after the beginning of the season, the previous players council loses its jurisdiction according to §3.4.

3.2.3 The candidate pool must meet the criteria for composition; a restriction beyond these criteria is not permitted.

3.2.4 The election of the players council shall be conducted within the teams. The list of candidates shall be sent to the teams by the retiring players council. Each player has five votes which must be awarded to the candidates. A bundling of several votes on one candidate is not permitted. All five votes must be awarded. The results are to be sent to the election assistants appointed by the outgoing players council, who carry out the counting and send the result to the outgoing players council.

3.2.5 The result of the election shall be made public by the retiring player council and the selected players shall be contacted to accept the election. After seven persons have accepted the election, the new elected persons shall replace the retiring player council and form the new player council.


3.3 Responsibilities of the Player Council


3.3.1 Participation in admin meetings: The player council may participate in any admin meeting with a maximum of two representatives and participate in the opinion and decision making process that takes place there. According to 3.4.3 the admin team informs the player council chairman about the meetings taking place and their contents.

3.3.2 Right of suggestion: The players council can bring proposals with a qualifying majority in the players council (according to §3.4.4) to the admin meetings for decision making (decision obligation!). The chairman of the council or one of his deputies has to inform the admin team in time about the proposals under proof of the qualifying majority of the player council. The deadline for the resolution obligation ends on the third Monday after introduction of the proposal. All PL admins as well as the player council itself are admitted to the decision.

3.3.3 Right of co-determination: The players council has a right of co-determination in decisions of the PL admins, insofar as there is a qualifying majority in the players council (cf. §3.4.4) over the decision. Exceptions are regulated by §3.4.6 of these regulations. This right of co-determination is weighted as follows: one third of the admins involved in the decision. Example: If a decision is pending with 5 admins present, the voting weight of the players council is = one third of 5 = 1.67 votes.

3.3.4 Qualifying majorities in the player council: The responsibility for the existence of qualifying majorities in the player council lies with the chairman of the council. He has to prove the corresponding votes at the request of the admin team. If there is no qualifying majority, the right of proposal according to §3.4.2 as well as the right of co-determination according to §3.4.3 are not applicable.

3.3.5 Election of the players council: The full responsibility for the organisation and conduct of the election of the subsequent players council in accordance with 3.3 lies with the players council.

3.3.6 Restrictions:
The following exceptions are defined:
The right to participate in admin meetings according to §3.4.1 does not apply in individual cases and at the discretion of the admins in the cases according to §3.4.6 No. 3, 4, 5 and 6.
The right of proposal in accordance with §3.4.2 and the right of co-determination in accordance with §3.4.3 refer to this:

  1. changes to the rules and regulations, with the exception of §1 and §2,
  2. general administrative matters directly related to the community.


The right of proposal in accordance with §3.4.2 and the right of co-determination in accordance with §3.4.3 shall not apply in the following cases

  1. of corruption,
  2. in which one or more members of the players council are directly affected,
  3. to decide on suspensions and penalties for players,
  4. of any investigations/decisions according to §5 Modifications,
  5. personnel decisions in the admin team,
  6. other administrative decisions which only indirectly affect the ProLeague community.

In the existing cases it is the responsibility of the PL admin team to consult the players council or to commission it with special tasks.


3.4 Reasons for exclusion


3.4.1 Council members shall be excluded from the qualifying majority count under §3.4.4 in so far as they are propositions/decisions concerning or otherwise affecting the council member's club.

3.4.2 In cases of exclusion, the qualifying majority must be calculated adjusted in accordance with §3.5.1.


3.5 Changes in the composition of the player council


3.5.1 Should a member of the council change clubs during the season and thereby violate the composition criteria according to §3.1.1-3, the member of the council shall resign from the players council. A replacement is to be determined on the basis of the list of candidates. An exception is given if the council member changes to a club, in which no other council member is present.

3.5.2 Should a member of the Council resign from office, the procedure set out in §3.6.1 shall take effect.

3.5.3 If a qualifying majority (according to §3.4.4) decides that a council member (be it the council chairman, a deputy or a simple council member) is not in a position to constructively fulfil his duties as a council member, he may be removed from office and replaced by the procedure according to §3.6.1.

3.5.4 Council members who hold a functional position (chairman or representative) and retire from the players council in accordance with §§ 3.6.1-3 shall be replaced accordingly on the basis of the kept election list.

§4 Rules of play 


4.1 Only players who have registered on the homepage, joined a team and received a game license according to §6.4 are entitled to play. A player without a valid Origin ID is not eligible to play. The use of a player's Origin account is not permitted (account sharing).

4.2 Minimum number of players: A team must consist of at least seven players in order to participate in the match. Each team must play with the minimum number of players.

4.3 Use of known as: In all ProLeague competitions (evening/sponsored tournaments may choose a different arrangement), the "known as" name of the player pro must be set in such a way that the known as is unmistakably associated with the Origin ID.

4.4 Any-Player: The so-called "any-player" is prohibited. Each player must occupy a fixed position.


4.5 Game invitations (general)


4.5.1 Home right: The team which has home right always has the right to invite the opponent to the match. The ProClubs friendly match is used for this purpose. Exceptions for the home right are regulated by §4.5.3.

4.5.2 Troubleshooting: With the "invitation bug" it may happen that due to technical circumstances the away team cannot be found or the away team does not receive the invitation of the home team. We recommend the following solutions:

  1. Changing the Captain
  2. Lobby reset (All players leave the mode and reload it only when all players are in the FIFA main menu)

4.5.3 Handing over the home right: The right of invitation may be assigned to the away team if

  1. The home team cannot find the away team in the friendly match search.
  2. The home team cannot invite the away team for other technical reasons.
  3. The away team verifiably does not receive the invitation.

The home team and the away team must agree by mutual agreement that the away team shall take over the right of invitation.


4.5.4 Creation of a replacement club: If the home team is not succesful with the measures according to §4.5.2 or does not agree with handing over the home right according to §4.5.3, the team, which uses most user-controlled players in the game, must create a replacement club. Should both teams compete with the same number of user-controlled players, the away team must create a replacement club. The right to invite remains with the home team.

4.5.5 A tolerance of 15 minutes waiting time from the scheduled play date shall be included. The specified 15 minutes are approximate and this does not mean, however, that they may be exceeded in justified cases.

4.5.6 If the opponent cannot be reached within the 15-minute period, the relevant league leader or an authorised representative must be contacted immediately. Should there be no decision despite the conversation with the league leader, an admin decision about a new game date or the judgement of the game will be made. A simple "Hey" or another unclear message to only one leader of the opposing team is not sufficient as a contact attempt. There are several ways to contact the respective opponent.

4.5.7 If the start of the match is delayed due to disconnects or FIFA bugs, the following opponents shall be informed of the expected delay without delay on the same evening.


4.6 Fair play / sporting behaviour: Respectful and fair behaviour towards the opponent in league and cup matches of ProLeague is required. This includes in particular:

4.6.1 Abondenment: The 5-minute rule applies: During the first five minutes of play, aborting the game is permitted if a player has been disconnected from the game or if the game is unplayable due to delays, graphic bugs or other impairments. The game is started from the beginning. If goals, assists, own goals, yellow or red cards have already fallen during the abandoned game, these will be added to the new result or game report. A dismissal received in the abandoned match also applies to the repeat match, i.e. the player who received the dismissal must immediately get a new dismissal at the start of the match in order for the under-number to be restored. The opponent must support the sending-off.

4.6.2 Bugusing: All types of bugusing are prohibited.

4.6.3 Block goalkeeper: Blocking the goalkeeper is forbidden, e.g. at standard situations and kicking the ball from his hands (player runs in the GK). In return, it is also forbidden to provoke a block as a GK.

4.6.4 Hindrance with standard situations: Any hindrance in standard situations and penalty kicks. These include in particular:

  1. Non-compliance with the 9.15m distance for free kicks and penalty kicks through the use of player animations. The advance of the wall is unaffected by this.
  2. Obstruction of the shooter by moving onto the approach path / blocking the approach path.
  3. Deliberately knocking down or running over an opponent so that he or she goes down.
  4. Similar obstructions of the opponent.

4.6.5 Time wasting: Time wasting is strictly disallowed in any form.

4.6.6 Unsportsmanlike conduct: Unsportsmanlike behaviour of any kind is forbidden and will be checked and sanctioned in individual cases by the admin team.


4.7 Card rules: If a player receives the fourth yellow card (8th, 12th, 16th, 20th, 24th etc. in the following called fourth yellow card), a yellow-red or a red card, he is suspended for the first game of the following week. If a player is sent off more than once or receives the fourth yellow card and one or more send offs during a match week, the period of suspension is extended by one additional game per send off/fourth yellow card. Examples:

  1. Sent off/fourth yellow card 1st matchday in 1st matchweek with two games | Suspended on: 3rd matchday in matchweek 2 BECAUSE first match of the following matchweek
  2. Sent off/fourth yellow card 6th matchday in matchweek 3 with 3 games | Suspended on: 9th matchday in matchweek 4 BECAUSE first match of the following matchweek
  3. Sent off/fourth yellow card 11th matchday and 12th matchday in matchweek 5 with 2 games | Suspended on: 13th and 14th matchday in matchweek 6 BECAUSE first matches of the following matchweek
  4. Sent off/fourth yellow card 13th matchday, 14th matchday and 15th matchday in matchweek 6 with 3 games | Suspended on: 16th matchday and 17th matchday in match week 7 with 2 matches and 18th matchday in match week 8 BECAUSE the first match of the following match week plus subsequent matches until all card closures have been settled.

4.7.1 Multiple attempts to start a game: A dismissal in the main or deciding match shall also count for a replay match. Therefore, no other player of the team who has not previously played may take the position of the player who has been suspended.

4.7.2 Def-Wins/judged games: Games that are not played regularly, e.g. victory by def-win or judged by admin, do not count as games for which a suspension is imposed (yellow ban, red ban, league ban).

4.7.3 Season transition: Card bans are deleted after each season and are not carried over into the new season.


4.8 Betting fraud in ProLeague


4.8.1 Any player or person responsible for influencing the course or outcome of a ProLeague competition in favour of his opponent and as a result obtaining an unlawful financial advantage through a public sports bet relating to the ProLeague shall be punished with a Proleague ban. The duration of the ban is determined at the discretion of the ProLeague administration and is at least one year.


4.8.2 ProLeague competitions include any eSports events managed and organised by ProLeague. In particular, this includes all matches of the ProLeague leagues and the ProLeague Cup.


4.8.3 The person responsible within the meaning of §4.8 is who decides on the use and instructions of players in a ProLeague competition.


4.9 Gamebreaking Bugs:Gamebreaking Bugs: In the event of bugs for which none of the teams is responsible and which destroy the game (including the free kick bug), the following action will be taken: If the bug occurs in the first half, the whole game must be repeated. If the bug takes place in the second half, everything that takes place in the first half will be included in the final match report and another half will be replayed. The submitted screenshots have to be taken at half time of the catch-up match.

4.9.1 The next opponent should be informed about the delay before the new kick-off.

4.10 The ninth stadium "Estadio de Vallecas" in FIFA 20 will be banned in all ProLeague competitions due to a display error in the goalkeeper camera on one side. If this is used, the match must be repeated. If this is not noticed until half-time two, the league leader must be contacted.



§5 Modifications 


5.1 Prohibition of any game modifications: All FIFA modifications are prohibited. This applies to all online game modes, including Pro Clubs, Ultimate Team, Seasons, Co-op Seasons, Skill Games. The time of the modification is irrelevant, i.e. any modifications are also forbidden outside the game operation of the ProLeague. Modifications include any optical and technical changes, regardless of whether or not they result in an advantage for the person concerned. The only permissible modification is the ProLeague graphics patch according to §5.10.

5.2 Violation of the modification ban: Players convicted and found guilty within the meaning of §5.1 shall receive a PL ban depending on the severity of the violation and at the discretion of the PL admins, but at least until the end of the FIFA version current at the time of the manipulation. In less severe cases (e.g. optical modifications), depending on the severity of the violation and at the discretion of the PL admins, a mitigated PL ban may be imposed, but at least until the end of the season current at the time of the violation. A repeated violation of §5.1 leads to a lifelong PL ban.

5.3 Partial violation of the modification prohibition: Partially guilty players within the meaning of §5.1 receive a ProLeague ban depending on the severity of the violation and at the discretion of the PL-Admins, the maximum duration is one year.

5.4 Judging of games: In cases in which a modification according to §5.1 could be proven to a player, in individual cases and at the discretion of the admin team affected games, in which the convicted player had a concrete opportunity for modification or
had a concrete opportunity for modification or
there are indications that the convicted player has used a modification, can be judged in accordance with §7.6 against the club for which the player actively played.

5.5 Mitigating reasons: The discretionary penalty (length of ProLeague suspension) may be reduced if the player found guilty under 5.2 or partially guilty under §5.3 has, by voluntarily disclosing his knowledge, contributed to the clarification of a manipulation under §5.1 that is connected with his manipulation.

5.6 Obligation to report a modification: Anyone who becomes aware of a manipulation according to §5.1 must report this immediately to the admin team. The deliberate non-registration or the concealment of facts in connection with manipulations according to §5.1 will be subject to a ProLeague ban of up to one year at the discretion of the PL-Admins.

5.7 Production of forged proofs of modification: Anyone who intentionally reports a player for violating §5.1 by using or producing false information/facts (e.g. falsifying evidence, screenshots, videos, etc.) will be punished with a ProLeague ban at the discretion of the PL admins. The minimum duration of this penalty is one year.

5.8 Publicly made allegations of modification: Publicly made cheat allegations that objectively damage the reputation of a club or a player are prohibited. The PL-Adminteam decides in its discretion and in individual cases, depending on the extent of the accusation and the reputation damage incurred, on the appropriate punishment. The maximum duration of the ProLeague ban according to §5.8 is one year.

5.9 Overview of blocked players: Club leaders can ask the PL-Admin team which players are banned from playing in the ProLeague.

5.10 Graphic patch of the ProLeague: The official graphic patch of the ProLeague may be used. This includes graphic changes to the game and does not influence FIFA's playing behaviour.


§6 Transfers 


6.1 A transfer is a player joining a club.

6.2 Each team has 8 transfer options (new players) available per season.

6.2.1 Player exits don't count to the transfer options.

6.2.2 The transfer options count until the end of the season and therefore include cup and relegation matches.


6.3 A group of players may not take over the starting place of a ProLeague team. Each individual case will be handled individually by the ProLeague admins.


6.4 Licensing: A player is only eligible to play if:

  1. the correct screenshots have been uploaded,
  2. the team has accepted the player's application to join the team and
  3. the responsible league leader has accepted it.

6.4.1 Every player is obliged to upload two screenshots made according to the tutorial to the ProLeague site.

6.4.2 In order to join a club, the player must submit a team entry request on the team page of the accepting club (button "Join team"). A team manager of the accepting club must accept the player's membership request after checking the player's screenshots. This starts the licensing process, which means that the screenshots can be viewed by the league leader (or his representative) from this point on. The team entry request must have been submitted and accepted on the ProLeague page no later than the day before the first game.

6.4.3 The corresponding league leader checks the screenshots. If there are errors in the screenshots, the player concerned will receive a message on the ProLeague page. If the first submission of the screenshots is received by the deadline at the latest on the day before the first submission, corrected screenshots can also be accepted on the same day as the first submission. Players who join a club that does not participate in any ProLeague league operation will be checked by a ProLeague admin.

6.4.4 In the event of a change of club, new screenshots must be taken and made available (uploaded to the PL site) by the player concerned. The license check takes place under consideration of §§6.4.1, 6.4.6 by the responsible league leader. The same applies to the transition to a new FIFA part.

6.4.5 It is at the discretion of the League Leader to temporarily refrain from granting a game license if multiple incorrect or incomplete screenshots are submitted.

6.4.6 A player who leaves a club may return to that team at the following times:

  1. for the new season, without conditions.
  2. in the current season, provided he has not played a match for another club between the time of leaving and the resumption of the season. This transfer costs the club a transfer option.

§7 League  


7.1 League games are not set on a default day.

7.1.1 Teams are free to schedule games in agreement with their opponent at any day and time within the given match week. Both managers have to send eachother a Discord message or send a challenge on the website at latest on Monday at the start of the match week to make sure there will be enough time to schedule a match that week. Once an agreement has been made, both teams have to confirm this date and time on the website, using the challenge-function. If both teams agreed on date and time for a game it's final. Match dates outside of the given time frame are only allowed after consulting with the league admin. If necessary, to delay a match day (one match) a team can use 2 wildcards in a season. These have to be handed in no less than two hours ahead of the arranged match date to both the league admin and the opponent team. Wildcards give you the opportunity to delay a match for a week. A match that has already been delayed through the use of a wildcard can not be delayed by wildcard again (from either team). Wildcards can't be used on the last two match weeks to not influence the end of the season. The only exception is for so called English match weeks (weeks with 3 matches). If a team uses both wildcards in this week, it can delay all 3 matches.

7.1.2 If no agreement has been found, the admins will schedule the game. The day for which the admin schedules the game depends on the training days the teams filled in on the website. These count as preferred match days as well. Every team needs to have at least two training days in order to give possibilities for scheduling. Teams are free to update their training days at any time. However, in order not to infuence the default scheduling by admins, the admins will only update their personal list of preferred match days once halfway the season. In case there is no agreement and overlapping training day between two teams, the match will be scheduled on a default day being Sunday.

7.2  Cancellations due to insufficient number of players

If an agreed match cannot take place due to a team's lack of players, the team in question must report to the opponent and league leader via Origin and a private message on the homepage at least two hours prior to the start of the match.


7.3 Result report


7.3.1 The result will be entered on the ProLeague page in the team area under match schedules.

7.3.2 The results must be entered according to the specifications in the TUTORIAL.

7.3.3 The entry of the match result shall be independent of the opponent's entry and shall be made independently by the clubs. Both the home team and the guest team are obliged to enter (home team) / confirm (away team) the match result by the end of the following day at the latest.
The entry of game results according to §7.3.2 requires the correct information of result, line-up, MvP, goals, assists as well as yellow and red cards according to the uploaded screenshots. The four home team screenshots must be uploaded in legible quality at the designated locations.

7.3.4 If there are problems or discrepancies in reporting the result, the league management must be contacted immediately by PM and the facts (reason) described. An extension of the entry deadline is possible in individual cases and at the discretion of the league leader.

7.3.5 If a computer-controlled bot, which has taken over the corresponding position as a result of a disconnection of a player, scores goals, assists or yellow/red cards, these are credited to the human player. The entry is made as if the player had played the entire game. The deletion of the cards can be requested by presenting the league leader with proof of disconnection.


7.4 Overview of suspended players

An overview about the suspensions of the players can be found on the ProLeague page at the respective league under the tab "Suspensions".


7.5 Judging system

7.5.1 The judging system shall be based on the tables given.

7.5.2 In special constellations (e.g. with several team dissolutions in a league) it is the responsibility of the PL admin team to balance the league sizes and to move one or more teams to the next higher league.

7.5.3 Calculations based on the percentages given in 7.5 will be round off to the end of a match week.


League INT 1
Progess Judgement/Replacement Manner
0-25% Judged complete
26-50% Judged open games
51-75% Judged second half of the season
76-100% Judged open games

League INT 2
Progess Judgement/Replacement Manner
0-20% Replaced Reserve team
21-25% Judged complete
26-50% Judged open games
51-75% Judged Second half of the season
76-100% Judged open games

7.6 Individual judging

7.6.1 Individual judging may occur if a rule of the ProLeague rules is violated. The team that violates a rule is referred to as an offending team.

7.6.2 In the event of a rule violation, which results in an individual judging, the result will be checked by the responsible league leader or by the administration on behalf of the league leader.

7.6.3 In the case of individual judging, matches shall be scored as follows:

  1. if the match has not yet been played: 2:0 against the offending team
  2. if the game has already been played, proceed as follows:
  3. A.  The offending team has won: 2:0 against the offending team
  4. B.  The offending team has drawn: 2:0 against the offending team
  5. C.  The offending team has lost with a goal difference of -1: 2:0 against the offending team
  6. D.  The offending team has lost with a goal difference of -2, but not with 0:2: 2:0 against the offending team
  7. E.  In all other cases (team that breaks the rules loses 0:2 or with a goal difference of more than 3), the result of the match remains valid. There is no judging.

7.7 Match of the week

7.7.1 The ProLeague editorial team broadcasts the match of the week on the official Twitch channel. The editorial team will contact potential participants of the game and teams can cancel until Monday evening. If this does not happen, the team is assumed to participate in the match of the week.

7.8 Promotion and relegation

7.8.1 The type and number of promotions and relegations can change until the end of the season. The colour markings in the league tables should be used as a guideline.

7.9 Super Pro League

7.9.1 -

§8 Cup


8.1 The ProLeague Cup is a tournament in the KO system.


8.2 The ProLeague Cup is played with all ProLeague teams (PC).

8.2.1 Teams that have been eliminated from the previous competition due to penalties are not eligible to participate in the new season.


8.3 The general rules of the ProLeague apply. Excluded from this is the card rule, which does not apply in the cup.


8.4 In each cup round the games and the home rights are drawn anew.

8.4.1 The team above in the tournament tree always has home right.

8.4.2 One game is played per round. If there is a draw after this game, extra time is played followed by a penalty shootout.

8.4.3 There will be no match for third place.


8.5 In case of problems the cup admin is always the contact person.

8.6 Due to a possible extension or penalty shoot-out, sufficient time should be allowed for scheduling.

8.7 Result report is in the cup similar to §7.3

§9 Hall Of Fame 


9.1 The general rules of the ProLeague apply.

9.2 The number of participants is limited to a maximum of 32 teams.

9.3 Every registered team is entitled to participate, which at the time of registration and the tournament itself has at least five players in the squad, who have a valid game license according to §6.4.

9.4 Fun or mix teams are not allowed.

9.5 There is no card rule.

9.6 A group phase shall be played followed by a knockout phase. In each knockout phase one game shall be played. The loser will be eliminated. In case a knockout game ends in a draw, extra time shall be played and, if necessary, penalties.

9.7 The result is always reported by the home team, no confirmation by the opponent.

9.8 Leaving the HoF-Challenge early will result in exclusion from the next tournament.


9.9 Guest players must be registered on the ProLeague site, a submission of screenshots is not necessary.

9.9.1 If the own team of a player participates in the HoF Challenge, the player may not play as guests with any other team participating in the HoF Challenge.

9.9.2 A maximum of 3 guest players per team may be registered.

9.9.3 The guest players must have been added to the team on time (usually 20.00 on the tournament day) via the HoF guest function.

§10 Ladder 


10.1 The ProLeague Ladder is a competition in which teams look for their opponents themselves. Furthermore, the competition takes place in league form and has neither a fixed number of games nor a certain size of participating teams.

10.2 Any team registered in the ProLeague may participate. However, fun and mix teams are excluded from participation.


10.3 The general rules of the ProLeauge apply.

10.3.1 Players of a team must be registered on the ProLeague site and have a valid game license.

10.3.2 A maximum of three guest players per team may be entered. A valid playing eligibility must be present.

10.3.3 There is no card rule.

10.4 Procedure

10.4.1 There is no limit to the number of games that can be played per day, per week or per month.

10.4.2 A Ladder match may only be played against the same opponent twice a week.

10.4.3 A team may have a maximum of 5 open challenges before it can be challenged the next time.

10.4.4 Both teams must enter the result by midnight of the following day, including the declaration of the guests.

10.4.5 After the match, the opponent's behaviour and reliability shall be assessed. (good / very good / perfect). The result should not play a role in the evaluatio

10.4.6 The winner of the game may win a maximum of 50 points. The number of points you win or lose depends on your position and that of your opponent. If you win against a better placed team, you will receive more points than against a worse placed team.


10.5 If a scheduled game could not take place for various reasons or if there are problems with reporting the result, the ladder administrator must be contacted.

§11 International competitions


11.1 Due to the membership of the ProLeague in the iFVPA, teams participate in the Champions League and the European League. The iFVPA is a multinational organisation which is responsible for the organisation of CL, EL and national team tournaments on all consoles worldwide.

11.2 The number of participants depends on the iFVPA league ranking which is updated after each season. The numbers will be published in article form as soon as they are known and are additionally highlighted in colour in the League Int. table.

11.2.1 If a team has won either the iFVPA CL or EL, it is directly qualified for the CL and will not be considered for the distribution of the other places.

11.2.2 Teams that place themselves for the international places of the iFVPA via the ProLeague shall perceive them. Teams participating in iFVPA competitions as representatives of other leagues will be excluded from the iFVPA slots available in ProLeague.

11.2.3 If the international league has teams in it that can qualify for iFVPA competitions through other national leagues, the international league is, due to iFVPA regulations, obliged to organise play-offs at the end of the season for CL and EL sports. Only teams that can not qualify for iFVPA competitions through another league can participate in these play-offs. The play-offs serve to make up a ranking of these teams and will be organised according to §11.6.

11.3 The rules of the respective tournaments are determined by the iFVPA and can be found in its forum:

11.4 Both tournaments shall take the form of a group stage followed by a knockout round. Further details can be found in the rules of the iFVPA or the VirtualProNetwork (homepage of the tournaments, for example in the navigation: iFVPA -> CL).

11.5 If scheduling problems or general questions arise, please contact the CL & EL admin.

11.6.1 The play-offs consist of group stage and knockout stage. Each fixture will be home and away. Each fixture (home and away) are considered as separate games, with the opportunity to gain points in both games. In the case of even points during the group stage, teams will be ranked on:

  1. Goal difference
  2. Goal scored
  3. Mutual results
  4. Goal difference in mutual results
  5. Away goals
  6. Goal scored in mutual results
  7. Fair play ranking Numbers 1 and 2 of the group qualify to the knockout stage. Numbers 3 have their own knockout stage in order to get a ranking. Numbers 4 and further have their own knockout stage each in order to get a ranking. If the goal difference is level after both knockout matches, the away goal rule is applied. In case of a perfect draw third match must be played and Golden Goal rules is applied (first one to score wins). In case of two draws with the same score, extra time is played possibly followed by a penalty shootout. In case of a third match, the ball must be kicked out directly after kick off in both halves. The opponent is obligated to give the ball back.

11.6.2 Based on the league tables of League Int. and League Int. 2 teams will be divided over pots of no more than 4 teams. Best four teams will be placed in pot 1, next best teams in pot 2, and so on until all teams are assigned to a pot. The highest ranked team in the league of pot 1 can pick one team from pot 2 for the group stage. The second highest ranked team in the league of pot 1 can pick one of the remaining teams from pot 2 for the group stage. The third highest ranked team in the league of pot 1 can pick one of the remaining teams from pot 2 for the group stage. The fourth highest ranked team in the league of pot 1 gets the remaining team from pot 2 for the group stage. The highest ranked team in the league of pot 2 can pick one team from pot 3, if any, for the group stage. This principle continues until all teams are assigned to a group. The highest ranked team in the league of all group winners can pick one second placed team for the knockout stage. The second highest ranked team in the league of all group winners can pick one of the remaining second placed teams for the knockout stage. The third highest ranked team in the league of all group winners can pick one of the remaining second placed teams for the knockout stage. The fourth highest ranked team in the league of all group winners gets the remaining second placed team for the knockout stage. In the second knockout round the highested ranked team in the league can pick one team to play against. The other two teams play eachother. The schedule for the knockout stage for numbers 3, 4 and further will be determined by the same principle. For every fixture during group stage and knockout stage the highest ranked team in the league decides what team plays home first. Any player that receives a red card will be able to play again after serving one match ban. No yellow card accumulation is applied in the tournament.

11.6.4 The general rules of ProLeague apply.

§12 System of penalties


12.1 The ProLeague has various methods of punishment at its disposal. Penalties can be imposed on individual players as well as on entire teams.

12.2 Penalties are divided into warnings, punishments and Penalty Points (PP). PPs are managed in the team profile and have consequences if they accumulate frequently (see §12.6). While warnings generally consist of a conversation between the admin and the team leader or the player, penalty points have indirect and punishments direct consequences.


12.3 Warnings

The warning, which can be pronounced verbally or listed in writing in the team or player profile, includes violations against:

  1. §4.1 Wrong Origin ID in player profile
  2. §6.4 Wrong screenshots in player profile
  3. §4.3 Known as does not correspond to Origin ID


12.4 Penalty Points (PP)

Penalty points that are listed in the team profile for any violation will, at the discretion of the league leader, include violations of:


     A. §4.6 Fair play / sporting behaviour (burden of proof lies with plaintiff)

     B. §4.10 Prohibition of the use of a particular stadium

     C. § Setting the date for a match inside the designated time

     D. §7.2 Obligation to report the cancellation of league matches

     E. §7.3.2 Reporting of results

     F. §7.3.3 Failure to comply with the deadline for reporting results

     G. §7.7.1 Cancellation of participation in the MotW after the deadline

     H. §12.3 from the fourth warning (three warnings without PP)

12.4.1 Players who violate §4.6 may, in individual cases and at the discretion of the PL-Admins, be subject to individual penalties in the form of game suspensions with a maximum duration of four weeks. In case of repetition, the maximum duration can be increased to eight weeks.

12.4.2 Penalty Point - Graduation

In the event of repeated non-compliance, the PP shall be staggered according to the following maximum scale:

  • for D, E, F, G, H:    1 PP - 2 PP - 2 PP - 4 PP
  • for A, B, C:    2 PP - 3 PP - 4 PP


12.4.3 Skipping of grading steps 

If the person/club to be punished has similar penalties in the previous season that have led to Penalty Points, the first grade level may be skipped at the discretion of the league admin.

12.5 Judging of games

To Penalty Points and the judging of a game lead the following violations:

  1. §4.1 Use of a player without valid eligibility (3 PP and individual judging)
  2. §4.1 Account sharing (3 PP and individual judging, possible further consequences)
  3. §4.2 Less than the minimum number of players at the start of a match (1 PP and individual judging)
  4. §4.4 Use of any player is prohibited (2 PP and individual judging)
  5. §4.5 Not taking place of a game date (2 PP and individual judging, burden of proof lies with the plaintiff)
  6. §4.6 In the case of violations of fair play/sporting behaviour according to §4.6, which verifiably influence the game result in favour of the offending team or player, such games can be judged depending on the extent of the violation and at the discretion of the PL admins against the offending team.
  7. §4.7 Playing despite card suspension (yellow / red) (2 PP and individual judging)
  8. §7.2 Obligation to notify in case of cancellation of league matches

12.6 Complex sanctions

The following violations lead to more complex sanctions:

  1. Collecting 6 PP (League Int. 1) or 8 PP (League Int. 2): One point deduction
  2. Collecting 10 PP (League Int. 1) or 12 PP (League Int. 2): Three points deduction
  3. §5 modifications: Ban according to §5.1

12.7 Decision on the continued existence of a team

To an admin decision about the continued existence of a team, whose further participation in the ProLeague or its exclusion lead:

  1. Collecting 12 PP (League Int. 1) or 14 PP (League Int. 2)
  2. §4.2 Violation of the minimum number of players in the club
  3. §6.3 Violation of the team takeover rule

It is the responsibility of the admin team to allow the affected team to continue participating in the ProLeague under certain conditions. The conditions are to be determined at the discretion of the admins.


12.8 Bans in communication channels
12.8.1 12.8.1 Communication channels within the meaning of §12.8.1 are shoutboxes, team posts, forum threads, teamspeak chats, news comments, private messages and other media managed by the ProLeague administration.

12.8.2 Depending on the type and extent of the violations, and at the discretion of the PL admins, the following violations may lead to a temporary block in communication channels of the ProLeague:

  1. Insults / public hate against one or more players or teams
  2. Provocations
  3. Name-calling
  4. Disrespectfulness
  5. Spam
  6. Dissemination of racist or similar, contemptuous contents

It is irrelevant on which medium the violations mentioned under §12.8.2 occurred. The duration of the block is regulated by §12.8.3.
12.8.3 12.8.3 The infringements referred to in §12.8.2 shall gradually lead to temporary, increasing bans. The duration of each ban can be seen in the following table:



Tier n-th violation of §12.8 Duration of the ban
1 1 - (first violation) 24 hours
2 2 - (second violation) 1 week
3 3 - (third violation) 1 month
4 4 - (fourth violation) at leat 6 months (admin decision)









Starting with level 3, the PL admin team reserves the right to block the blocked user from further communication channels (e.g. forum). The decision is made on a case-by-case basis. The §§ 12.8.4 and 12.8.5 remain unaffected by the regulation.


12.8.4 If a user violates §12.8.2 four times, a lifetime ban can be imposed on the shoutbox. The decision is made by the PL admin team after evaluation of the individual case and at its own discretion.
12.8.5 In particularly serious cases of violation of §12.8.2, sanctions (temporary ProLeague or game suspension or similar) may be imposed beyond §§ 12.8.3 and 12.8.4 at the discretion of the PL admins.


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