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Welcome everyone to the ProLeague INT. 1 Pre-Season Check-In. In this article, we will look at the new season! Which teams will be predicted to win the league!



 1iQ Gang - Is the way finally clear?

Predicted finish: 1st


The Harel & Lillsey gang is back for this season 3. After finishing brilliantly in 2nd place in PL INT for the last two seasons, failing to reclaim a title against Dutch giants REVIVAL.

The international team seems to have made a multitude of transfers during the off-season, seeing Leg1unia, Happybob, Tobiias, Sven2b, Seko2easy, DollaN, Teddy as well as Hamid join their team. 

The departures of NeuerTV, Towasz, Dum-Dum, Bidou and SanGaa were also completed during the off-season.

From the looks of it, it seems that the team has been strengthened offensively, and the attack should be built around Harel (In his words he would be the best player in the galaxy!), Tobias (#Babuback) and Ryan. Led by Lillsey, eager to win titles again, this attack should promise great performances.

After 2 seasons of failing to win a title, is it time for a 1iq? Now free of REVIVAL, it seems to be the most expected team to win the PL INT title.

All this will of course depend on the performance of their key players, whether Lillsey is a consistent performer, whether harel's attacking creativity will make or whether Hosx will manage to make his defence an impenetrable wall (With player like Yasco or Ajer around him it’s not going to be that hard) will determine whether 1iq will be able to finish as winners of this season.


 Juventus Bucuresti - Time to be crowned?

Predicted finish: 2nd


The Romanian giant  led by Cristiano has never missed out on a top 3 finish in the PL INT, very consistent and never disappointing, but they are finding it difficult to make the step up to winning titles outside Romania or the Hall of Fame tournament.

The off-season for the Romanian giant seems to have been a turbulent one, first of all it saw the return of its striker NeGo who had already been in the team twice before. Cristiano seems to be strengthening his defence with the arrival of Swedish defender Lucas from REVIVAL, as well as former Unathletic Bilbao manager Toby in central defence. 

The Juventus squad includes a multitude of very good players, so there are many doubts about who will be on the field during the season, in any case after a beautiful season 23 with notably a very good run in the SPL Cristiano's Juventus will undoubtedly be motivated to win the title this time and should of course have the ability to.

This will obviously depend on the performance of Enzo, now in the CAM position, the efficiency of Cristiano or the defensive performance of Rares! So I see Juventus fighting for the title!



 Akwa Corp - Finally stable enough to perform?

Predicted finish: 3rd


The French giant after a complicated season is back under a new identity for this new season. 

New faces, especially at the management level where Akwa & Ipswich will be in charge of the team for this season with the help of Alex.

After a French championship title, the French team dreams of more. With an ambitious transfer window, seeing the arrival of confirmed players like Emperor assists leader last season, Jurdss and JordanF for the midfield. Blacko & FernHub will reinforce the team's defence. 

The attack is also getting a makeover, with the arrival of the legendary Rev3 being the most accomplished French striker in the community (and arguably the bigger according to his ingame build) as well as the fearsome Brainzz from ObX.

The French team will have to rely on the solidity of its individuals in order to quickly build a collective ready to fight for the title. But there is no doubt about it, there is quality and potential in this team and it is probably the best French team ever put together on paper, it remains to be seen if Ipswich will manage to get the best out of this team.

If he makes it, Akwa Corp will be in the fight for the title! 


 Ragnarok - Vikings are hungry!

Predicted finish: 4th


The English champions team and recent cup winner and Champions League finalist has had a turbulent off-season!

First of all, the departure of the manager and player Dex to the German Core Gaming.

The departure of important players like Bob or MpleuM is to be noted.

However, Ronan is now the new team manager and has been active on the transfer market. The team recruited veteran Coopar, the experienced Tidus and the promising Craigy. The English team also saw the arrival of Zig! Recent champions league and league one winner! (#FeedTheZig).

A very interesting transfer window that could help Ragnarok to repeat last season's performances in the cup and in the league.

However they will have to be more consistent in the PL INT, despite a great season they could only manage a meagre 7th place, their worst finish since Season 18.

I can see Ragnarok being close to the podium, and who knows, maybe dreaming bigger?


 Khalkedon BS - A new strategy that pays off?

Predicted finish: 5th


Yet another team that has gone on the offensive this transfer window! The Turkish team Khalkedon seems to have changed its plans in terms of their transfers.

Known for scouting Turkish players in particular, the team seems to have opened up to the pool of international players.

They first signed the French duo AirChewy - JS410, after a great season with Outlawz they have obviously decided to change their tune!

McLolski & Timo also arrived in the middle from Ninja Turtles after their dissolution.

The experienced Never Enough defender Lolewun has also initialized his contract.

An ambitious transfer window that could allow Khalkedon to continue their good performances, after a surprising rise in season 1 as well as a very satisfying 5th place they never cease to surprise.

To see the Turkish giant fighting for the podium would certainly not be a surprise.

Ravi's men will be determined to go even higher this season!


 Stade Poitevin FC by orKs GP - Finally successful on the international scène?

Predicted finish: 6th


The team with the longest name in the league will continue its adventure in the PL INT this season.

After a failed season in the French league with a 7th place, as well as an average season in the PL INT, the historic French club has to react!

Coach Kahli was therefore active on the transfer market. Recruiting the brilliant Tazmanio, recent CL winner and League one player from Knallgas, he will have the (very) heavy task of animating the attack of orKs, reputed to be a team that doesn't score much, the challenge seems to be big.

They also bet on the recent Turkish champion Behrez to reinforce the midfield.

Kahli did not stop there and signed promising young players like Sorrentino, Hyr00z and JordyPMS.

Will they manage to get into the rhythm and the demands of the PL INT 1 quickly enough to perform well?

For sure, with the trainer RasoiR known by all in France for his quality of training there is a good chance to see some of them improve during the season.

I can see orKs being a bit higher than usual in the PL INT, and finally pulling off a good performance in this league but they will have to find the keys to perform quickly.


 Magic Storm E-Sports - Regular but still too little to go higher?

Predicted finish: 7th


The recent Polish champion is already participating in its 4th season in the international league.

After finishing 5th and 6th in the last few seasons, Magic Storm is now a team regularly associated with the top of the PL INT table.

The Polish team's transfer window seems to have been particularly turbulent in terms of departures, conceding 10 or so departures, it seems that Magic Storm wanted to part with many players.

On the arrivals front it seems that just 4R3KKS after a false start at Juventus is to be noted. PatoJr & BassXiM having been added to the team at the end of last season.

So it looks like they've gone for stability (quite rare for a team playing in the INT league), so it will be interesting to follow the Polish giant during the season and see if they made the right choice!


 Impulsion - Will the rookies be able to perform?

Predicted finish: 8th


Another new French team joining the league, after having brilliantly qualified during the promotion tournament Impulsion will thus make its debut in the international league.

The team is made up of rookies, but is surrounded by the experienced DumDum and SanGaa.

Good results last season in the French league allowed them to be on the podium, however the level in the INT 1 league will be quite different, especially with a group of players with little experience in it.

However, I don't see this team having a bad season, the quality of their squad is certain but they will have to confirm that during the coming season, that's why I see Impulsion finishing in a satisfactory 8th place.


 Outlawz - Outlawz finally apprehended?

Predicted finish: 9th


After a very good season in PL INT with a very good 4th place, and a 2nd place in PL FR Outlawz found themselves in a transfer window determining the continuation of their adventure, evolving by trying to strengthen the team? trusting in stability? or seeing their good players escape to other teams.

Well, it seems that the third option has been applied, with the departure of the excellent Hydro, their three strikers: NeGo, Airchewy (and manager) and JS410 or the promising Hoz_Wolf, it seems that the coming season will be tricky for the French team.

The Outlawz board, no doubt shaken by the departure of their manager Airchewy, seem to have failed to sign a striker during the transfer window, so unless they play a midfielder he will probably have to step up to the front line.

Also their recent signings seem to be rookies, the outlawz are certainly preparing for the future and this may be a transition season for them.

Keeping some of their backbone, Outlawz should be able to play in the mid-table.


 ESC Fireball - A team on fire?

Predicted finish: 10th


The French ESC are a young team making their debut in the ProLeague this year, but they have already achieved great things with 2 podiums in the PL FR as well as a rise to division 1 of the INT league.

This season they have changed their recruiting style a bit, recruiting experienced French players like MPleuM or Guiguiz.

Known for playing in a 352 formation, ESC has recently been playing as orKs during their era of relentless possession, a style of play somewhat out of touch with other INT teams.

Will they manage to impose their game and pick up points to finish in the top 10?


 ObstruXion - The veterans still present!

Predicted finish: 11th


The veterans of the INT PL since FIFA 17 are putting up a fight!

Season after season they manage to be in the TOP 10.

They have made a few new arrivals during the transfer window with the return of iRenaTo, and the signing of promising players Mugi and Finlay.

The team seems to be ready to face this new season, but the loss of Brainzz, who finished 2nd in the league last season when it comes to scoring, will be difficult to compensate for for the French team.

That's why I see OBX having a more difficult season than usual but still maintaining their mid-table status.


 Rebrand Project - The tireless Unshackled are back with a rebrand project!

Predicted finish: 12th


Hey! Guess who’s back? 

One of the oldest teams in the PL INT is back among the elite, still managed by the famous Red_Shaman!

After a successful return to PL INT 2 with a title, it seems that the international team is motivated to prove that they belong in this league again!

The international team seems to have been rather quiet on the transfer market, signing Frosti from Juventus to strengthen the attack and the Italian goalkeeper Marck97!

The Rebrand Project will have to use its experience and its last season to ensure its maintenance in the highest division!


 FC National - Keep up the good work!

Predicted finish: 13th


The Romanian team will soon start its second season in the PL INT! After a good 11th place, FC National will certainly want to continue its performance.

With a very agitated transfer window, FC National wanted to be ambitious on the transfer market.

Signing no less than 7 players, the competition will be tough this season for the Romanian team.

It is therefore difficult to determine the starting 11 that will be on the field during the season, but one thing is sure: Lio will have to find the right formula quickly.


 High Society - Will they be classy enough for the league?

Predicted finish: 14th


The new Romanian team was formed only a few weeks ago, with hints of the old Jack Boyz team they managed to find a place in INT 1 through the promotion tournament.

With former Juventus player TheRomanianGeek at the helm, having played very little at Juve for a geek, the team will have their work cut out to be ready for the top flight in the coming season.

He will be joined in attack by former Never Enough star MBUTHEKONG

The team seems to be made up of young Romanian players overall, seeing how they develop and how good they can be this season will by no doubt be interesting!

However, I see the high society struggling to keep up and being at the bottom.


 Lions United - Will the lions still be hungry after two promotions?

Predicted finish: 15th


After two promotions from INT 3 to the top flight in two seasons, it will again be interesting to see the Spanish team develop this season.

Recently 8th in Spain, the Spanish team seems to have hired a multitude of new players.

Will the men of V3NOM and Saulolo be able to continue their meteoric rise and stay in the top flight?

They will have to adapt quickly to a league of a much higher level than the INT 2 and the ESP league?

But with the UNITED LIONS, we are obviously always surprised! I still see them being in the bottom of the table perhaps lacking experience within the team at international level.


 LicenseToWin - Will the licence be enough to win?

Predicted finish: 16th


The second Polish team of the PL INT and a new team created a few weeks ago has already managed to get into the INT 1!

007 and Mellroy seem to have already made some big moves in the transfer market with the arrival of many experienced Polish players, like Spzila and Voyton.

Will they succeed in converting their common experience to keep themselves in the league? And who knows, maybe they will become the best Polish team in INT 1 ahead of their rivals Magic Storm?

One thing is sure, it will be a hard task, as the league level seems to be quite close between the teams. Their start will undoubtedly be decisive for a good season.



Season Prediction INT.1

PL. Team
1 1iQ Gang
2 Juventus Bucuresti
3 Akwa Corp
4 Ragnarök FC
5 Khalkedon BS
6 Stade Poitevin FC by orKs GP
7 Magic Storm E-Sport
8 Impulsion
9 Outlawz
10 ESC Fireball
11 ObstruXion
12 Rebrand Project
13 FC National
14 HighSociety
16 LicenseToWin

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